Quantity surveying, claims, & contract Administration are part of contract & commercial management of a construction & engineering project, it plays a critical role in a project’s success. In construction, commercial & contract management refers to the application of skills to maximize business potential by ensuring the successful management of the project’s finances, procurement, contract and the processes that can impact upon a project’s profits, timescales and quality.

In an incredibly developing and rapidly changing market condition, construction & engineering projects has to be procured & executed as effectively and efficiently as possible, we understand the importance of minimizing construction costs and we are aware of the inheriting risks and opportunities that exists within a construction & engineering project, accordingly we help our clients to formulate a robust approach to plan, implement and control contract & commercial management aspects of a project while effectively mitigating the risks that could jeopradize the project. 

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01 | Main Focus
As commercial management specialists our aim is to reduce and contain the total cost of a project and ensure value for money for each item that is procured as part of the project while maintaining the expected standard and quality.

02 | Market Expertise
We have extensive knowledge and presence of mind of the local & international market including information about supply chain, rates, resources and the like, we apply our market knowledge and expertise to provide logical answers to challenges we encounter and help our clients to make best decisions.

03 | Value Creation
We understand the importance of creating value in every work we undertake and ensuring confidence to our clients.

04 | Adopting to Changes
The new innovations has changed how projects will be procured and constructed driving more and more efficiency, To respond and support the profession of future we have built a movement that fosters change by,

Quantity Surveying & Cost Management

We provide advice on a multitude of project requirements, making sure that costs are minimized while ensuring great value...

Contract Management

Comprehensively administering a Construction & Engineering Contract is the only way to protect Contracting parties from potential losses and it is...

Claims Administration

With the unique and complex nature of Construction Projects risks and opportunities are every day business for Contracting parties, construction claims...

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